Rachael + Phil

Rachael and Philip have been together for eight years …they met in high school, went to the same college… but then both decided to completely disregarded their degrees and instead spontaneously move to South Carolina and open up a couple subway franchises together! 
It fascinates me just how powerful and influential love really is. We’ve all heard that famous saying- “love makes you do crazy things”. It’s amazing how falling in love with somebody can inspire you, give you completely new perspective in life, and evoke a new sense of courage to go down new paths you never thought were possible before. ❤️
We surprised them at the end of the night with a slideshow of some of their wedding pictures. We put them up on the projector screen, put two chairs in the middle of the dance floor for the bride and groom, and got the band to play their first dance song while the slideshow played. It was magical ❤️

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