Family Sessions in Detroit

Remember this cutie from last year?? (First photo)…. she was just 4 years old in that pic! 
Well, we are back again with another annual modeling sesh! 😂

It’s always so much fun photographing her. We have such an interesting bond, in a way. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was a kid. 
She tends to quietly analyze me… kind of studies my every move. So out of curiosity and pure fascination, I tend to challenge her on every photoshoot. I’ll do a pose and see if she can mimic me and do the same exact thing…however, each time, presenting something a little more challenging than the last … whether it be mimicking a specific expression, etc. 
Of course she NAILS it every time and everytime I’m dumbfounded with shock and amazement. 😱

I can’t get adults to do what she does. 😱👏🏻😍
She’s such a special kid.

In fact, her entire family is just a rare kind of special. 
I feel so blessed to know (and photograph!) this incredible, extremely intelligent, kind hearted, amazing family. ❤️❤️

Happy Anniversary To Us


Today I have loved you for exactly 1095 days.

3 years…1095 days…spent wildly, unapologetically, head-over-heels, crazy-in-love with you! ❤️

In just 3 short years, you have somehow managed to completely revolutionize my entire world…

I wasnt searching for anybody when I met you.

I shut myself off from the world and somehow managed to convince myself that I didn’t need anybody in life.

I stopped believing in love and, in some ways, probably also stopped believing in myself.

You were the most unexpected person to show up at the most unexpected time.

You broke down all my walls and challenged my way of thinking.

You push me out of comfort zones and challenge my potential.

You encourage and motivate me, every day, to chase “my greatness” AND all my dreams.

You believe in me and always see incredible potential in me..even at times when I may not see it for myself.

I came to life when I met you.

You’ve brought parts of me to life that I never even knew existed.

And for that, I honestly believe that every bit of who I am today is all because of you.

You are a part of everything I think, and do, and feel.

And every year, my world becomes more beautiful…because you are in it.❤️


Can’t wait to marry you, on this day, next year!

Happy Anniversary!

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