Family Sessions in Detroit

Remember this cutie from last year?? (First photo)…. she was just 4 years old in that pic! 
Well, we are back again with another annual modeling sesh! 😂

It’s always so much fun photographing her. We have such an interesting bond, in a way. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was a kid. 
She tends to quietly analyze me… kind of studies my every move. So out of curiosity and pure fascination, I tend to challenge her on every photoshoot. I’ll do a pose and see if she can mimic me and do the same exact thing…however, each time, presenting something a little more challenging than the last … whether it be mimicking a specific expression, etc. 
Of course she NAILS it every time and everytime I’m dumbfounded with shock and amazement. 😱

I can’t get adults to do what she does. 😱👏🏻😍
She’s such a special kid.

In fact, her entire family is just a rare kind of special. 
I feel so blessed to know (and photograph!) this incredible, extremely intelligent, kind hearted, amazing family. ❤️❤️

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