Family Sessions in Detroit

Remember this cutie from last year?? (First photo)…. she was just 4 years old in that pic! 
Well, we are back again with another annual modeling sesh! 😂

It’s always so much fun photographing her. We have such an interesting bond, in a way. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was a kid. 
She tends to quietly analyze me… kind of studies my every move. So out of curiosity and pure fascination, I tend to challenge her on every photoshoot. I’ll do a pose and see if she can mimic me and do the same exact thing…however, each time, presenting something a little more challenging than the last … whether it be mimicking a specific expression, etc. 
Of course she NAILS it every time and everytime I’m dumbfounded with shock and amazement. 😱

I can’t get adults to do what she does. 😱👏🏻😍
She’s such a special kid.

In fact, her entire family is just a rare kind of special. 
I feel so blessed to know (and photograph!) this incredible, extremely intelligent, kind hearted, amazing family. ❤️❤️

Happy Anniversary To Us


Today I have loved you for exactly 1095 days.

3 years…1095 days…spent wildly, unapologetically, head-over-heels, crazy-in-love with you! ❤️

In just 3 short years, you have somehow managed to completely revolutionize my entire world…

I wasnt searching for anybody when I met you.

I shut myself off from the world and somehow managed to convince myself that I didn’t need anybody in life.

I stopped believing in love and, in some ways, probably also stopped believing in myself.

You were the most unexpected person to show up at the most unexpected time.

You broke down all my walls and challenged my way of thinking.

You push me out of comfort zones and challenge my potential.

You encourage and motivate me, every day, to chase “my greatness” AND all my dreams.

You believe in me and always see incredible potential in me..even at times when I may not see it for myself.

I came to life when I met you.

You’ve brought parts of me to life that I never even knew existed.

And for that, I honestly believe that every bit of who I am today is all because of you.

You are a part of everything I think, and do, and feel.

And every year, my world becomes more beautiful…because you are in it.❤️


Can’t wait to marry you, on this day, next year!

Happy Anniversary!

Julie + Jeff

Ohhhh …these photos. this couple. THIS WEDDING. 

A few weeks ago, Julie and I spent a couple HOURS on the phone…strategically timing and mapping out every small detail in her timeline so that we could create an opportunity for a small window of time to fit in an extra quick photo session at one of her favorite locations in Detroit. We had planned to do a first look + approximately 15 minutes of portraits at this location before we all had to take off and head to the ceremony site. I was about half way to detroit when I got a call from the bride… “So the bus is still not here. I called the company and they literally told me they forgot about me and are now arranging an Uber for us…” 

Normally, I’d say I’ve seen it all, but that one was a first…. 

My heart exploded when I heard the disappointment in Julie’s voice as she asked “I hope this doesn’t mean we lost our opportunity to take pictures in Detroit?”

 I told her to give me a couple minutes…that I would work some magic and figure something out. Nick and I were able to rearrange some things in the schedule and come up with a “hustle plan”…which is what we like to call “figuring out how to do our job in about 10% of our original allotted time”. ;) Soon after, I texted Julie back…told her not to stress…and assured her that today was still going to be the best day ever. 

…and IT WAS. 

The perfect weather. The perfect puffy clouds. The perfect intimate first look. The perfect location. The perfect people to be surrounded with (the bridal party was a solid riot). The perfect reception venue. The best food. and …literally…the best wedding band I have EVER seen (Crossing Woodward). Nick and I ended up sticking around for a little bit after we were done working because we just couldn’t get enough of this band. lol. 

But aside from all that, I am so unbelievably PROUD of these photos. One thing I never really talk about is how goal-focused Nick and I are. It’s how both of us have always been…even as kids. We are emotionally invested, we put our all into everything we do, and are constantly striving to push ourselves to be better……to grow, to develop, to think differently, to see things differently, and to overcome the challenges and obstacles that we face daily. We even have our goals written on the back of our front door (“How can I provide the world with something valuable today?”) so that it’s the last thing we see before we leave the house. But that’s all easier said than done….and September did not go easy on us. It’s been an entire month of intense determination meeting frustrating limitations (such as losing all our photo time at weddings). And by the end of the month, I guess all those frustrations and challenging moments must have just caught up with me because my confidence was lacking a bit yesterday morning, before I left for the wedding. But right before I left, Nick grabbed my hand and said “I’m stating this out loud because I’m claiming it. Today is going to be different. We are going to see everything with a different perspective. We are going to tell a completely different story today. And we are going to KILL IT.” Those words rung in my head all day….and that’s exactly what happened. We photographed at the same locations we have shot at a million times before….but (even under a time crunch) every single shot was a completely new + different angle/ pose/perspective than anything we’ve ever captured before…. This month took everything I had in me….but I’m so proud of what we were able to accomplish yesterday as a result… and (even more importantly) what value we were able to create/provide for our clients on their wedding day. <3 

Congratulations Julie + Jeff! 

We love you guys <3

Happy Father’s Day!

Hey Dad, thanks for being a damn legend.
To the one who showed me the true meaning of hard work and perseverance. To the one who taught me how to be a fighter in life. To the one who taught me how to love without limitations and to protect the ones I love with everything I’ve got. 
To my rebel partner-in-crime…all the memories racing in the truck with the music blaring, breaking in to sledding hills in the middle of the night so we could have the whole hill to ourselves, teaching me how to ride a bike by eating a “well balanced meal”, and to never outgrowing our love for cereal and cartoons…. you’ve taught me what it means to enjoy this life.

Happy Father’s Day!

Kimmy + Clint

I had the most amazing time photographing these two in Detroit yesterday! I have known Kimmy and her family since I was 14 years old…so these peeps are super special to me. 

Since Detroit plays such a significant role in both of their lives, they wanted to incorporate the city as much as possible- making this a Detroit themed wedding. We started the day off at the Detroit Renaissance Center Marriott Hotel, did our first look on the waterfront, hit up the hotspots downtown for pictures, and then had the ceremony + reception over at the Detroit Historical Museum. 

The DJ fired up all the Motown classics at the reception…and let me tell you…I’ve NEVER seen a dance floor so LIT dancing to motown….it was incredible! 

Sometimes I can’t believe this is what I do for a living. Photography has allowed me the opportunity to cross paths with some of the most incredible people. ❤️  I absolutely LOVE my clients! 

Take risks and live with a full heart

“I can’t evolve creatively if I don’t have inspiration in my life.”.

The other day, I came across some old journals of mine…one was from 2006, and the other from 2009.

I’m not going to lie….I completely binge-read these for a couple hours that night..these were PURE GOLD. haha

…which, on that note, also had me questioning why I ever stopped journaling…

Had I not written any of that stuff down…I honestly wouldn’t have remembered probably close to 99% of all those moments/experiences. I talked about the little things …the little encounters I would run into throughout the day….I even included “quotes of the day”…everything from hilarious “bad translation” when communicating between two different languages….to drunk conversations with friends. Which, by the way, were my absolute favorite parts to read. LOL

It was really cool to look back and notice that I haven’t really changed much. At least in regards to how I think. I’m still ambitious, I still set goals for myself, and I’m still passionate about travelling and the role it plays in my personal development.

I was brought back to what it’s all about for me: getting out there, taking risks, and never losing that child-like wonder for the world. To live your life with passion. Live courageously. To be a rule breaker to reach new grounds…and (most importantly) to be relentless with your dreams.

Most of us go through life with our brakes on….holding back. Most people go through life never discovering what their talents even are. Most people never develop their talents.

…I don’t want that for me.

So to continue on in the same fashion from those two journal entries…

2017’s goal: to be a year of discovery and growth. A year to rise up. I want to evolve creatively - discovering new talents/ new ways of seeing things artistically. I also want to actively reach out this year and meet people. I want to take people out for coffee and actually get to know them in person…not just online. That’s not really “typical” behavior for me…I’m a bit of an introvert…but I also understand the necessity of having people in your life. People help teach/show you new things…and most importantly - people help inspire you.

Unfortunately, I had been so wrapped up in the “busy-ness” of everyday life over the past couple years that I didn’t even realize that I was almost inadvertently AVOIDING people at any chance possible so that I could have more time to work. It’s a mind-blowing thought, especially as an artist, thinking about how many possible opportunities I deliberately passed up to be inspired by people in those couple of years that I spent alone/cooped up in my office…

I can’t evolve creatively if I don’t have inspiration in my life.

And last but not least, additional to evolving creatively, this year I want to grow/evolve intellectually. I want to read more books, listen to more podcasts, go to church more, meet more people and learn about their life stories… with full faith that this will all, in return, inspire and influence the way I see the world daily…and hopefully give me even more reasons to appreciate and cherish this amazing life.

So here’s to 2017: more time spent on the road. More candid moments. Trying new things and definitely getting out of my comfort zone. Thank you to everybody who has been a part of this never ending journey.  Stay tuned for more adventures…we have Iceland coming up in a month! 

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” 
― Alexander Supertramp Chris McCandless


Rachael + Phil

Rachael and Philip have been together for eight years …they met in high school, went to the same college… but then both decided to completely disregarded their degrees and instead spontaneously move to South Carolina and open up a couple subway franchises together! 
It fascinates me just how powerful and influential love really is. We’ve all heard that famous saying- “love makes you do crazy things”. It’s amazing how falling in love with somebody can inspire you, give you completely new perspective in life, and evoke a new sense of courage to go down new paths you never thought were possible before. ❤️
We surprised them at the end of the night with a slideshow of some of their wedding pictures. We put them up on the projector screen, put two chairs in the middle of the dance floor for the bride and groom, and got the band to play their first dance song while the slideshow played. It was magical ❤️

I have to apologize- I’ve been a little MIA over the past week. Sometimes life picks up and creates a momentum that carries you with it …and before you know it, that momentum leads you into routine and predictability. 
For me, as an artist, routine is lethal to my creativity. Sometimes I need to just slow down, withdraw, and reconnect with the things that move and inspire me and reconnect me with purpose.

Feeling a bit refreshed today, I’m so excited to get back in the game and start sharing all the amazing things that have been happening lately :) 
Stay tuned …;)

Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! In honor of all the amazing hardworking moms out there (whether it be to human babies or furry babies), we are offering all portrait sessions at $175 for the entire month of May! 

Here’s to 30

Oh man…. so much has happened this month… I wasn’t really sure what to bring up first .

I guess let’s start with my birthday!
I want to sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank each and everyone of you for making this the most amazing and (by far) the most unforgettable birthday of my life. 
I am at a loss for words, trying to express how much love and appreciation I have for each one of you.  I am entirely blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing, inspiring, talented, intelligent, influential, game-changing individuals….
I am moved, DAILY, by all the beauty you guys exude and give to this world. You are the inspiration behind everything that is what I do, and you are a direct influence that continues to shape the person I am becoming, as I grow older. 
I love you more than you will ever know. Cheers to the blessing that is our friendship… and cheers to another fulfilling year of life, at 30 years old, spent loving and celebrating you all unconditionally. 

Next up - my love, Nick Carter- this guy turned a birthDAY into more of a birthWEEK. It has been surprise after surprise (and by the way, it is extremely difficult to surprise me). SO much thought went into pulling together alllll my most favorite things. Everything from redecorating my loft with a bunch of bold, inspirational, motivational, feel-good quotes (pretty much what my brain probably looks like at any time of the day )… to cooking and baking (enough to feed a small army) EVERY recipe I have ever saved to my Pinterest boards … taking me on a surprise trip to Chicago because of my love for spontaneous adventure/exploring…
The list goes on.   
Nick carter, I love you … more than words even EXIST to express it. You have selflessly INVESTED in me … challenging me, inspiring me, motivating me… and supporting me along the way. You have made me face my biggest fears… and even at times when I resented you for that, you proceeded to hold my hand and be there with me while I got past those hurdles. You have connected me with the most amazing loving people (with the most beautiful souls) who have already changed my life forever. 
When I once thought that I didn’t deserve somebody like you… Instead, I now focus on what YOU deserve and am motivated/inspired to love you in the best possible way I can, every single day. 
With all my heart, thank you for everything you do for me everyday. I love you. ❤️

And finally, here’s to the all the thrill and excitement that comes along with a whole new decade of life -my 30’s.  Being the ambitious hustler that I am, I have been setting and fiercely attacking goals my entire life. I am so proud to say that I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish (and more!) in my 20’s…. and I honestly couldn’t be more excited (and ready) for what new/upcoming opportunities will allow me to build and develop during this new decade of my life.

❤️ Build a legacy. Inspire others. Change the world. ❤️

This post, in particular, is special to me. To me, this picture doesn’t just represent a completed brand identity design. To me, it represents a new chapter following a long road to self discovery…the struggle of going against everything I’ve ever known…stepping outside of my comfort zone…and fiercely giving it everything I’ve got to build a company and a brand (on my own this time) that is stronger than anything I’ve ever built in the past. 
After the humbling experience of a partnership gone sour and a decade’s worth of my very best work stolen from me + credited to another artist….I was left with no other option but to simply become better than my “best self” (quitting was out of the question). This time around, I wanted to be completely involved in every aspect of the development of the company/brand. I am particularly proud of the logo design. With my experience of owning 3 other companies in my past….this is the first logo that I have ever personally drawn/designed myself. And with the help of the amazingly talented graphic design artist, @rad_work , sketches were brought to life in digital form!
It was important to me that everything from the most intricate details of the brand story…to each image captured…that it all represents an authentic version of me, who I am as an artist, and the emotional investment I have in everything I do. 
After years of being an advocate of building “powerhouse teams” …this was my first time stepping out on my own, and was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. 
A very special (and sincere) thank you to each and every person that encouraged and supported me along the way. There are no words to properly grasp the love and gratitude I hold for each one of you <3

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