Here’s to 30

Oh man…. so much has happened this month… I wasn’t really sure what to bring up first .

I guess let’s start with my birthday!
I want to sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank each and everyone of you for making this the most amazing and (by far) the most unforgettable birthday of my life. 
I am at a loss for words, trying to express how much love and appreciation I have for each one of you.  I am entirely blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing, inspiring, talented, intelligent, influential, game-changing individuals….
I am moved, DAILY, by all the beauty you guys exude and give to this world. You are the inspiration behind everything that is what I do, and you are a direct influence that continues to shape the person I am becoming, as I grow older. 
I love you more than you will ever know. Cheers to the blessing that is our friendship… and cheers to another fulfilling year of life, at 30 years old, spent loving and celebrating you all unconditionally. 

Next up - my love, Nick Carter- this guy turned a birthDAY into more of a birthWEEK. It has been surprise after surprise (and by the way, it is extremely difficult to surprise me). SO much thought went into pulling together alllll my most favorite things. Everything from redecorating my loft with a bunch of bold, inspirational, motivational, feel-good quotes (pretty much what my brain probably looks like at any time of the day )… to cooking and baking (enough to feed a small army) EVERY recipe I have ever saved to my Pinterest boards … taking me on a surprise trip to Chicago because of my love for spontaneous adventure/exploring…
The list goes on.   
Nick carter, I love you … more than words even EXIST to express it. You have selflessly INVESTED in me … challenging me, inspiring me, motivating me… and supporting me along the way. You have made me face my biggest fears… and even at times when I resented you for that, you proceeded to hold my hand and be there with me while I got past those hurdles. You have connected me with the most amazing loving people (with the most beautiful souls) who have already changed my life forever. 
When I once thought that I didn’t deserve somebody like you… Instead, I now focus on what YOU deserve and am motivated/inspired to love you in the best possible way I can, every single day. 
With all my heart, thank you for everything you do for me everyday. I love you. ❤️

And finally, here’s to the all the thrill and excitement that comes along with a whole new decade of life -my 30’s.  Being the ambitious hustler that I am, I have been setting and fiercely attacking goals my entire life. I am so proud to say that I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish (and more!) in my 20’s…. and I honestly couldn’t be more excited (and ready) for what new/upcoming opportunities will allow me to build and develop during this new decade of my life.

❤️ Build a legacy. Inspire others. Change the world. ❤️

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