This post, in particular, is special to me. To me, this picture doesn’t just represent a completed brand identity design. To me, it represents a new chapter following a long road to self discovery…the struggle of going against everything I’ve ever known…stepping outside of my comfort zone…and fiercely giving it everything I’ve got to build a company and a brand (on my own this time) that is stronger than anything I’ve ever built in the past. 
After the humbling experience of a partnership gone sour and a decade’s worth of my very best work stolen from me + credited to another artist….I was left with no other option but to simply become better than my “best self” (quitting was out of the question). This time around, I wanted to be completely involved in every aspect of the development of the company/brand. I am particularly proud of the logo design. With my experience of owning 3 other companies in my past….this is the first logo that I have ever personally drawn/designed myself. And with the help of the amazingly talented graphic design artist, @rad_work , sketches were brought to life in digital form!
It was important to me that everything from the most intricate details of the brand story…to each image captured…that it all represents an authentic version of me, who I am as an artist, and the emotional investment I have in everything I do. 
After years of being an advocate of building “powerhouse teams” …this was my first time stepping out on my own, and was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. 
A very special (and sincere) thank you to each and every person that encouraged and supported me along the way. There are no words to properly grasp the love and gratitude I hold for each one of you <3

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